Laravel 10 Bug Hunt Contest - $1,000 USD Prize


The Laravel team has announced a bug hunt contest with a chance to win $1,000 USD as part of the upcoming release of Laravel 10 in February. The team relies on the community to help test new major versions before their release, and this time they have decided to hold a contest to find and fix any bugs that may be present in the new release.

To participate in the contest, follow these rules:

  1. Only pull requests (PRs) sent to the 10.x branch of the laravel/framework repository are eligible.
  2. Only genuine bug fixes are accepted. New features, refactoring, or typo fixes will not be counted.
  3. Every bug fix must include a test.
  4. Accepted bug fixes will be labeled, and a random winner will be selected at the end of the contest.

The contest will end as soon as the first stable version of Laravel 10 is released. Any PRs that are still pending at that time or are sent in after the Laravel 10 release will not be eligible.

To install Laravel 10, use the Laravel installer with the --dev flag:

laravel new laravel-contest --dev

Good luck to all participants!

Source: Laravel 10 Bug Hunt | Laravel Blog

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